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About Hanieh Mohammad Bagher

I was born in 1980 in Tehran, the capital city of Iran. My mother always encouraged me during childhood for my paintings. When I was 10 years old I participated in private painting courses and became familiar with wonderful aspects of this art. In high school, I became interested in wooden inlay and wood carving and started learning all of its methods in the research center of cultural heritage organization of Iran under the instruction of skilled trainers and received my certificate in professional Drawing, Engraving and Carving from Tehran- Iran (1999/2001). During academic education in the field of psychology (Bachelor of General Psychology 1998- 2002), I cooperated with the wood workshop of cultural heritage organization and this cooperation lasted for 8 years. During those days, I combined drawing and painting techniques with inlay and wood carving and created noble works in this field, the result of which was various national and international exhibitions (22 exhibitions) and receiving honorary diploma and top titles, higher diploma of honorary from Iran’s Association of Inventors and Innovators and obtaining artistic 1st degree (equal to PHD degree) in the field of interface and woodcarving. Presently, many of my inlays and interlace and woodcarvings are held at the museum of Iran’s cultural heritage organization. In 2003, I started learning drawing and painting in a professional manner and learned different techniques and methods under the instruction of prominent masters the result of which was participation in 24 group international and national exhibitions in Iran, Brunei, Malaysia, Canada and USA such as Winter group exhibition (Caroun Art Gallery – Canada), MIKA 2012 (Malaysian Iranian Korean Art Exhibition) Matic Gallery, Art Expo Malaysia2012 Malaysia, MAIRA (Malaysian Iranian Artists Exhibition) Aswara and Sepuluh Dah (Iranian Artists Group Exhibition) Artseni gallery, holding individual exhibitions and participation in Expo- Brunei, Malaysia, Canada and USA (Movement exhibition  at Seyhoun Gallery–USA & Caroun Art Gallery-Canada). My works can be found in many private collections in Iran and foreign countries and have been seen in several international exhibitions. I live and work currently in Los Angeles – USA. 


I have things in my head which come true, some ideas so natural when I am looking the empty space of canvas I am seeing my whole life looking back to me.

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